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Building a custom event / conference streaming platform on a client’s hosting server.

Project Details

Case Study
Client: Wendy's Corporate, SAP NS2, Covestro, All Clad Metal Casters
Service: Application Development


Single client, Summit Web Casting, needed a developer code a web application to use for hosting webinars and live streams with the ability for the audience to send questions on a live forum during an event, as well as register and keep track of viewing hours.

The application was coded to include a single configuration file, which would allow the client to create duplicate copies of the template and change variables within a configuration title (such as title, background colour, event times, url's).



Set Up: 1 month.

Continued Maintenance and Support of Application for 1 year.

Length Present
Troy Hanford [Owner -]

“Talented, Fast Worked, Very Responsive”

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