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Event Planning Mobile Application

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Case Study
Client: PullUp Event Planning Inc.
Service: IT Strategy Services, Infrastructure Services, Cloud Security Services


A newly formed start-up, PullUp event planning, wanted to develop a mobile application for organizing events complete with a recommendation and ticketing system for the general public and small businesses. PullUp was on a small budget and needed a balance of performance and cost efficiency.

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Using React Native Framework integrated with Amazon Web Services serverless architecture for the back-end, the mobile application for PullUp was developed and fully integrated.

Additionally, staff for PullUp were trained from foundations to advanced concepts in the technology used to ensure all parties are capable of maintaining the application in the future. The application was developed under-budget with small capital and operational expenditures.

PullUp Event Planning Inc.

“During the PullUp birth, Kyle had an unmatched spirit and creative energy with an ability to pursue a vision shared with co-founders while retaining his personal touch. Using his keen technical skill set, Kyle executed the complex tasks of organizing tasks, searching for leads, and programming front and back-end systems to facilitate our crowd-sourced event-organizing algorithms. This was a mixture between social engineering and highly sought-after API’s that Kyle mastered with expertise, making him a key entrepreneur in today’s explosive market.”

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