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Optimizing Server Performance For A Small Business: Kryptikote Custom Coatings.

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Case Study
Client Kryptikote Custom Coatings.
Services Performance Audit, Application Performance and Productivity Services, Cloud-Native Design


Client was using a small-tier hosting compute instance to run a Wordpress site. Customers complained of long loading times, images not loading, and lack of content. Connections were dropped and the Wordpress instance would kick administrator users off of the editing screen because it could not handle connections.

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Length: 3 Months.

Since the client was on a budget, it was not as simple as migrating to another compute instance that was larger. Using plug ins, I implemented caches to lower the compute requirements on the server, to save the effort of re-rendering elements on each connection. Also, a Content Delivery Network was implemented to move images off of the compute instance and into the network, so the server no longer had to serve images from the compute instances.

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