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Hosting Services.

Fully managed application hosting, patching, and backup management. With a 24/7 support center, Delta Cloud Systems offers attentive and focused work on your hosting, so you can focus on your application.

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Allow us to manage ongoing maintenance, provisioning, security, and management. Focus on core tasks for your business, we’ll manage the rest.

Hosting Services

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Managed Services

Remove the unnecessary task of maintaining hardware, security patches, updates, and hosting security. We cover the maintenance and report all details back to you.

Unlimited Support

We offer unlimited hosting support services for any need and requirement your business may have. Your hosting is watched around the cloud, so rest assured your application and resources are performing.

Content Management

We handle all of the content management, scaling, placement of content for your Wordpress site. You focus on content, we focus on the details.

Security Patching

Hosts are susceptible to attacks and exploitations, we manage the research of security vulnerabilities, and implement the necessary precautions to keep your IT assets safe.

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Other Services

Delta Cloud Systems
Monitoring Services.

Gather valuable feedback from detailed monitoring solutions by Delta Cloud Systems. Proactively detect and alert personnel with triggers, algorithms, and compliance alerts.

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Cloud Migration Services.

Migration is a critical process and requires a rigorous planning protocol, we work with you every step of the way, completing lateral database migrations to on-premise to cloud migrations.

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CTA Optimisation

Start optimizing your IT with our free performance audit.