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IT Strategy Services.

The blueprints to success in business IT strategy. Our team of architects provide you with evidence-based solutions diagrams and reporting to give you a comprehensive understanding of your current IT assets and future architecture.

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Customized automation configurations focusing on scalability and ease of management.

IT Strategy Services

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Security Auditing

Compare current operational and structural processes to industry best practices. Identify incident response plans, detection requirements, and access control requirements.

Performance Auditing

Data-driven approach to reporting common data access patterns, performance monitoring requirements, and benchmarking results.

Key Performance Indicators

Identify performance indicators for your infrastructure such as IT ROI, recovery point objective, recovery time objective, cost per user, and more.

Technology Road-mapping

Stay current with a mapping of existing IT infrastructure with scheduled improvements for the future. Develop an integration plan for new technology and the deprecation of old.

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Other Services

Delta Cloud Systems
Application Development.

Application development services for your unique business needs. After discovery, our team will design around core application requirements.

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Automation Services.

Prevent downtime, increase resiliency, and eliminate uncertainty with a fully automated IT infrastructure. Delta Cloud Systems documents automation requirements and risk scenarios, then develops and implements targeted autonomous solutions.

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CTA Optimisation

Start optimizing your IT with our free performance audit.