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The Painless way to Migrate to AWS

 Amazon Web Services (AWS) stands tall as the world’s most used cloud infrastructure service.* Always looking to grow bigger & better, AWS recently announced its expansion to 24 new availability zones & eight new regions stretching from Canada to New Zealand.* Along with this expansion is a handful of new products & partnerships to ensure that whatever cloud service you need, AWS has it. The pandemic only helped AWS grow faster; Amazon’s CEO Andy Jassy highlighted that in his first annual shareholder letter earlier this year.

Andy Jassy pictured here on the Wall Street Journal in 2016 when discussing AWS

Concurrently, companies were stepping back and determining what they wanted to change coming out of the pandemic. Many concluded that they didn’t want to continue managing their technology infrastructure themselves, and made the decision to accelerate their move to the cloud. This shift by so many companies (along with the economy recovering) helped re-accelerate AWS’s revenue growth to 37% YoY in 2021. 

 AWS promotes, on average, a 20% infrastructure cost savings, 66% increase in administrator productivity, & 45% fewer security-related incidents. Businesses are learning how streamlined AWS has become, but what do they do after deciding to migrate their hosting infrastructure into AWS & into the cloud? How do they manage to make a smooth migration while ensuring stability & avoiding interruptions or downtime? 

 Migrating to AWS can be a simple, pain-free process with the help of a migrations specialist. You can find one through AWS’s cloud migration page, where they have a contact form to connect you to someone who can answer questions not found on their FAQ page. If you’re looking for more personal support or other specific cloud solutions, you can request a free IT Audit from Delta Cloud Systems™ , who respond to contact requests within 24 hours. 


 Keeping your data intact & well managed during migration is crucial. AWS has several services & solutions available to make sure you can migrate your data effectively, no matter how large. 

 AWS DataSync is the most common & popular solution for its simple, online, & efficient data transfer system. The service works with Amazon S3, EFS, & FSX. What makes DataSync so versatile is its automatic handling of standard IT operations (encryption, managing scripts, network optimization, data integrity validation, etc.). AWS DataSync is recognized as a very useful tool for on-premises data transfer during the migration process. Delta cloud systems™, employees have experience in using DataSync tools to make sure that your on-premises data & your cloud storage solution are synced in real-time with encryption in transit to maintain the security & confidentiality of your data.

 AWS Transfer Family is a similar service offered by AWS, specializing in FTP, FTPS, & SFTP transfer services that make your migration to S3 as straightforward as possible. Once your data is integrated with Amazon S3, you can utilize their internal services for analytics or data processing. Delta Cloud System’s clients are using the SFTP transfer protocol almost every day to quickly transfer files to & from their hosting server.

 Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration is the easiest way to ensure public internet transfers get to Amazon S3 fast. No matter where you are, & without any proprietary network system, Amazon S3 Transfer acceleration makes sure that you can get your media uploads & other vital data to your S3 bucket with speed & ease. Using S3 Transfer acceleration has helped Delta Cloud Systems™ move files to the cloud quickly using their nearby edge location in Dalas. 

 Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose is Amazon’s solution for you to load streaming data into the AWS cloud. Its design allows it to capture & load streaming data into S3 or Amazon Redshift. Like many of its other services, Redshift is a managed service that will scale to match your throughput needs. You won’t need to worry about compression or encryption because AWS handles these processes & ongoing administration on its own. Data firehose is best used for those who need real-time data processing & compute performance features.

AWS Snow Family

 The AWS Snow Family is for those with larger amounts of data to transfer. If you have data that you need moved quickly & securely, a physical way of moving your data might be your best option. Especially if your data transfer needs are on the larger side, the AWS Snow Family has got you covered. Amazon’s three main tiers of data transfer in the Snow Family are the Snowcone, Snowball, & Snowmobile. The only limit is how much data you need transferred since the snow projects range between eight terabytes & 100 petabytes of data. 

 No matter how much or how little data you need to have transferred, Amazon has made sure that there is a solution for you. Migrating your data to AWS is the first step to making sure that your computing needs are handled in the cloud.

 Here at Delta Cloud Systems™, we are here to help every step of the way. Be sure to contact us for your free IT audit to begin the simple, sweat-free, and secure transition over to Amazon’s cloud infrastructure.